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Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis Seeds For Sale USA

Experience the ultimate cannabis high with our top-of-the-line Amnesia Autoflower cannabis seeds! Our online seed bank provides a vast selection of premium marijuana seeds, including the highly acclaimed Amnesia Autoflower strain.

With its potent cerebral effects and rich terpene profiles, this award-winning strain is sure to take your smoking experience to new heights. Don’t wait any longer to indulge in the best cannabis seeds on the market – order yours today while they’re in stock and on sale!

Amnesia Autoflower Key Points

•Sativa dominant hybrid

•Abundance of snow-white trichome-covered colas

•Powerful cerebral effects

•Medicinally beneficial for many physical and mental ailments

Domestic US Shipping

At our American seed bank, we ship our seeds domestically throughout all fifty states in discreet packaging to ensure privacy. We offer free shipping on orders over $99, so buy your Amnesia Autoflower seeds today without worrying about extra costs. Don’t wait any longer; order now!

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds offer growers a range of benefits over traditional seeds. They are specially bred to produce female plants only, which guarantees a higher yield of potent buds. This is especially true when growing indoors where space can be limited.

These are Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are perfect for indoor and outdoor growers because they do not require strict light cycles for growth. Instead, they automatically flower after a certain amount of time, making them ideal for seasonal growth outdoors. Try Amnesia Autoflower seeds for a simple and hassle-free growing experience.

The Genetics of Amnesia Autoflower

Amnesia Autoflower is a sativa dominant hybrid that was developed by crossing the legendary cultivars Jack Herer and Cinderella 99 with Skunk #1. It also contains an unknown line of Ruderalis, which gives it its autoflowering capabilities and high THC content.

How to Germinate Amnesia Autoflower Seeds

To germinate Amnesia Autoflower seeds, we recommend using the plate or paper towel method. Simply place a moist paper towel over a dinner plate, lay out your seeds, and cover with another moist paper towel. Wait 24 to 120 hours for the taproot to emerge before planting.

Flowering time and Yield of Amnesia Autoflower

Indoor growers of Amnesia Autoflower can expect a flowering time of 8-10 weeks and a yield of up to 7 ounces per square meter. Outdoor growers can expect a maximum yield of 9.5 ounces per plant and should aim to plant their seeds after the last frost for multiple crops throughout the season.

Amnesia Autoflower Grow Tips

•Amnesia Autoflower is mold-resistant and versatile, making it easy to grow for even beginner growers.

•Use high-quality soil and nutrients for optimal growth.

•Monitor temperature and humidity levels to ensure healthy plants.

•Prune regularly to promote airflow and prevent mold growth.

Appearance of Amnesia Autoflower Buds

Amnesia Autoflower buds are magnificent, almost like Christmas trees. They stand around four feet tall with colossal colas protruding in all directions. The dark and dense amber hairs are encrusted with glistening trichomes that showcase this weed’s strength from afar.

Smell and Taste of Amnesia Autoflower Weed

The sweet but earthy smell of cedar fills the room during the flowering stage of Amnesia Autoflower plants. The aroma gets even stronger when you harvest and cure your buds. Complex yet pleasing aroma sensations spell out the richness of what’s to come. As for taste, every inhale creates flavors of nature with diesel undertones, while every exhale releases a sweet mouth-watering aftertaste that lingers on your tongue.

Effects of Amnesia Autoflower Cannabis

Amnesia Autoflower is a crowd-pleaser that offers powerful cerebral effects that kick in fast and linger for hours. It’s perfect for wake and bake sessions to get you moving in the morning, but it’s probably best left until later if you need to head to work. Its mild physical sensations can relieve headaches, migraines, and muscle spasms, while its sativa dominant effects act as a mood enhancer and help overcome mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.

Buy Amnesia Autoflower Marijuana Seeds in America

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your own Amnesia Autoflower plants at home. Our online seed bank offers top-quality seeds at a cheap and discounted price. Order now to experience the potent cerebral effects and rich terpene profiles that have won multiple awards. Get your hands on the best cannabis seeds online today!


CBD Content


CBD Range

Very low

Climate Zones

Sunny, Mediterranean, Temperate, Continental



Dominant Terpenes



Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Relaxed, Talkative


Earthy, Lemon, Sweet, Woody

Flowering Time

10–12 weeks

Flowering Type



Amnesia (Skunk #1 x Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer) x Ruderalis


Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest Month

All Year

Indica / Sativa

Mostly Sativa

Indoor Max Yield

16–19 oz/m2

Indoor Plant Height

12–23 in.

Indoor Plant Height Range


Indoor Yield Range



Focus, Recharged, Relaxed

Outdoor Max Yield

7 oz/plant

Outdoor Plant Height

12–23 in.

Outdoor Plant Height Range


Outdoor Yield Range

Less than average




Depression, Migranes, Muscle Spasms, Stress

THC Content


THC Range