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Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis Seeds For Sale USA

Experience the ultimate cannabis high with our premium Bruce Banner autoflower seeds! Our online store offers a vast selection of top-quality marijuana seeds, including these THC-packed gems that are sure to blow your mind. From seed to bud, watch as your plants burst into full-blown cannabinoid goodness. Say goodbye to mediocre highs and hello to sweet euphoria with each shimmering trichome. Don’t wait any longer, order your Bruce Banner autoflower seeds today and elevate your cannabis experience like never before!

Bruce Banner Autoflower Key Points

• Potent hybrid cultivar, 60% sativa

• OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel cross, High Times Cannabis Cup certified

• Auto feminized seeds, females that develop seedless, smokable colas

• Powerful wake ‘n’ bake strain, ideal for adventurous medical stoners

• Complex aroma bouquet, simultaneously sweet and dank

• Predominantly cerebral effects with a physical punch

• Compact and quick to grow, with yields of up to 17 ounces per square meter indoors and up to 18 ounces per plant outdoors

• Flowering time of 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest

Domestic US Shipping

At our online store, we offer domestic US shipping to all fifty states, with discreet packaging and free shipping on orders over $99. We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality when it comes to purchasing marijuana seeds online, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure your order arrives safely and securely at your doorstep.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are produced by inducing female plants to produce male flowers, which then pollinate other female plants. This process ensures that all plants grown from feminized seeds will be female, eliminating the risk of male plants pollinating females and reducing the overall yield. Feminized seeds also tend to be more stable than regular seeds, with a higher rate of germination and uniform growth patterns.

These are Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are a type of cannabis seed that automatically switches from vegetative growth to flowering based on age, rather than the light cycle. This makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor growers who want to maximize yields and reduce the overall growing time. Autoflowering seeds are also able to grow in seasonal climates, making them a popular choice for growers who live in areas with shorter summers.

The Genetics of Bruce Banner Autoflower

Bruce Banner autoflower seeds are an OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel cross, bred with ruderalis genetics to produce a powerful and well-balanced hybrid cultivar. This strain is unique in its ability to provide both cerebral and physical effects, with a complex aroma bouquet that combines sweet and dank scents.

How to Germinate Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

Germinating Bruce Banner autoflower seeds is a simple process that requires only a plate, paper towels, bottled water, tweezers, and a warm, dark cabinet. Moisten the paper towels, place one towel on a plate, grab a marijuana seed with tweezers and carefully place it on the towel, cover with the other towel, and leave in a warm, dark space for 24 hours. Check after 24 hours and remove seeds that sprouted taproots, covering the rest again until all seeds have popped.

Flowering time and Yield of Bruce Banner Autoflower

Bruce Banner autoflower seeds have a flowering time of 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, making them a relatively quick and easy strain to grow. Indoor growers can expect yields of up to 17 ounces per square meter of growing space if they use SOG or SCROG training techniques. Outdoor gardeners can harvest between July and October when they collect up to 18 ounces of tight nugs per plant.

Bruce Banner Autoflower Grow Tips

• Keep temperature and humidity in check

• Use air-cooled lamps for indoor grows

• Feed generously with nitrogen and CalMag in veg stage and extra phosphorus for flowering

• Use SOG or SCROG training techniques to maximize yields

Appearance of Bruce Banner Autoflower Buds

Bruce Banner autoflower buds are massive and green, with dense foliage and thick, chunky colas. They have a magenta shade in colder conditions and are covered in shimmering trichomes that glisten in the light.

Smell and Taste of Bruce Banner Autoflower Weed

Bruce Banner autoflower weed has a complex aroma bouquet that combines sweet and dank scents. The diesel aroma is unmistakable, but there’s also a sweetness to the smoke, with fresh strawberry scents emanating from the buds. The flavor is a mix of fruit on the inhale, diesel on the exhale, with citrus notes making it easy to inhale.

Effects of Bruce Banner Autoflower Cannabis

Bruce Banner autoflower cannabis provides predominantly cerebral effects with a physical punch, making it an ideal strain for wake ‘n’ bake sessions or creative endeavors. The green eliminates mental fatigue and replaces it with a speedy buzz, leaving you artistic, focused, and happy. The physical effects are gentle, providing deep relaxation without overpowering you.

Buy Bruce Banner Autoflower Marijuana Seeds in America

Experience the power of Bruce Banner autoflower seeds for yourself by purchasing them from our online store today. We offer a wide range of top-quality marijuana seeds for sale online in the USA, with fast, discreet shipping and free shipping on orders over $99. Order now and start growing your own THC bombs today!


CBD Content


CBD Range

Very low

Climate Zones

Sunny, Mediterranean, Temperate, Continental



Dominant Terpenes



Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Giggly, Relaxed, Uplifted


Berry, Citrus, Diesel, Flowery, Sweet

Flowering Time

8–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Bruce Banner x Unknown Ruderalis


Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest Month

All Year

Indica / Sativa

Mostly Sativa

Indoor Max Yield

18 oz/m2

Indoor Plant Height

20 in.

Indoor Plant Height Range


Indoor Yield Range

More than average


Efficient, Recharged, Relaxed, Uplift

Outdoor Max Yield

4 oz/plant

Outdoor Plant Height

15–30 in.

Outdoor Plant Height Range


Outdoor Yield Range





Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Migranes, Stress

THC Content


THC Range