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Magnum Autoflower Cannabis Seeds For Sale USA

Are you searching for high-quality cannabis seeds in the USA? You’ve come to the right place! Introducing our Magnum autoflower seeds – the ultimate choice for cannabis enthusiasts. This sativa-dominant hybrid boasts moderate THC levels and a one-of-a-kind, uplifting high that is perfect for both recreational and medicinal use. Our Magnum autoflower seeds are now available for purchase, so why wait? Experience the incredible effects of this crowd-pleaser and elevate your ganja game today!

Magnum Autoflower Key Points

• Feminized auto-flowering seeds

• Height of around five feet tall

• Resilient and sturdy plants

• Moderate THC content of 12-15%

• Potential therapeutic benefits

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We ship to all fifty states in the USA, and our packaging is discreet. Plus, if you spend over $99, you’ll receive free shipping on your order. Choose us for the best selection of cannabis seeds for sale online in the USA.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are specially bred to ensure that every plant that grows from them is female. This is great news for growers because male plants don’t produce buds and can actually ruin an entire crop by pollinating nearby female plants. With feminized seeds like Magnum autoflower, you can eliminate this risk entirely, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and money.

These are Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds contain genetics that enable them to flower based on age rather than light cycles. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor growers, as they can be grown year-round and don’t require special lighting setups. Plus, autoflowering plants tend to be smaller in stature, making them perfect for discreet grows or those with limited space.

The Genetics of Magnum Autoflower

The exact lineage of Magnum autoflower is a closely guarded secret, but what’s known is that they are a three-way cross of indica, sativa, and ruderalis strains. Many cannabis enthusiasts speculate that Jack Herer or Haze may be one of the parental strains, but regardless of their exact genetics, Magnum autoflower seeds are a truly impressive hybrid.

How to Germinate Magnum Autoflower Seeds

To germinate your Magnum autoflower seeds, we recommend using the paper towel method. Simply moisten two paper towels with purified water, place your seeds on one towel, cover them with the second towel, and place both towels on a ceramic plate. Then, place another ceramic plate upside down on top of the first and move the unit to a dark, humid space. Check on your seeds frequently to ensure they remain moist, and within 120 hours, they should develop healthy taproots.

Flowering time and Yield of Magnum Autoflower

Indoors, Magnum autoflower seeds can yield 12-14 oz./㎡ after a flowering period of 56-63 days. Outdoors, crops can reach between 2.8 and 5.3 oz./plant after a four-month lifecycle.

Magnum Autoflower Grow Tips

• Use a Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup to minimize vertical growth

• Expose plants to a 20/4 light cycle with at least 600W grow lamps

• Plants are highly resistant to pests and fungi

• Coping well with external stressors

Appearance of Magnum Autoflower Buds

Buds from Magnum autoflower have a pale appearance that’s covered in light amber trichomes. Despite their lack of bag appeal, these buds deliver an impressive experience that makes up for their aesthetic shortcomings.

Smell and Taste of Magnum Autoflower Weed

Magnum autoflower cannabis emits a musky, skunky, and earthy aroma that transforms into sweet citrus flavors when lit up. On inhale, fruity bittersweet citrus and spicy flavors mix with fresh herb notes while an alluring musky pungency tempts the nostrils. The taste is woody and spicy, with hints of graphite on the exhale.

Effects of Magnum Autoflower Cannabis

Magnum autoflower marijuana delivers a unique and potent euphoric buzz that leaves you feeling sociable and uplifted after settling in. It’s energizing, clears your head, and induces creativity and innovative thinking. As the experience progresses, relaxation sets in, inducing a state of bliss. Medicinally, it’s ideal for alleviating mild to moderate pain associated with eye pressure, migraines, joint pains, backache, and muscle injury.

Buy Magnum Autoflower Marijuana Seeds in America

Ready to buy cannabis seeds online in the USA? Choose Magnum autoflower seeds and experience a unique and potent hybrid that’s perfect for both recreational and medicinal use. Order now and receive free shipping on orders over $99. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your own high-quality cannabis with these top-tier seeds.


CBD Content


CBD Range

Very low

Climate Zones

Sunny, Mediterranean, Temperate, Continental



Dominant Terpenes



Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Giggly, Happy, Relaxed, Talkative, Uplifted


Citrus, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet

Flowering Time

10–12 weeks

Flowering Type





Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest Month

All Year

Indica / Sativa

Mostly Sativa

Indoor Max Yield

18 oz/m2

Indoor Plant Height

23 in.

Indoor Plant Height Range


Indoor Yield Range

More than average


Efficient, Recharged, Relaxed, Uplift

Outdoor Max Yield

5–7 oz/plant

Outdoor Plant Height

23 in.

Outdoor Plant Height Range


Outdoor Yield Range

Less than average




Arthritis, Depression, Migranes, Stress

THC Content


THC Range