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Purple Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale USA

Are you searching for premium cannabis seeds that pack a punch? Discover our Purple Punch feminized seeds, the champions of the canna world. This stunning strain boasts all the attributes you’ve been dreaming of, from exceptional potency to unbeatable quality. Plus, with our domestic US shipping, you’ll receive your order quickly and discreetly no matter where you live. Don’t settle for less than the best – try our Purple Punch feminized marijuana seeds today!

Purple Punch Key Points

• Indica-dominant hybrid

• Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG cross

• Feminized seeds – only female plants

• Gorgeous purple pigmentation in flowering

• Grape and berry aroma and flavor

Domestic US Shipping

We offer discreet packaging and free shipping on orders over $99 to all fifty states. No need to worry about international shipping delays or customs inspections. Your Purple Punch seeds will arrive quickly and safely, ready for you to cultivate your at-home weed garden.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are specially bred to produce only female plants. This eliminates the risk of pollination, so you can focus on growing high-quality buds without worrying about seeded colas or separating males from females. It also means you’ll get a higher yield of smokable flowers.

These are Photoperiod Seeds

Photoperiod seeds are ideal for indoor and outdoor growers who want to control their cannabis plant’s growth cycle. They require specific light cycles (12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness) for flowering, which makes them suitable for indoor grow rooms. Outdoor growers can adjust their planting times to coincide with seasonal changes and still enjoy a bountiful harvest.

The Genetics of Purple Punch

Purple Punch is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines the genetics of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. Granddaddy Purple is known for its sedating effects, gorgeous pigmentation, and grape and berry flavors. Larry OG is a potent hybrid with a fresh lemon aroma. Together, they create a visually stunning plant with a complex blend of grape and berry scents.

How to Germinate Purple Punch Seeds

Germinating your Purple Punch seeds is easy with our preferred paper towel method. Simply moisten one paper towel, place it on a plate, and use clean tweezers to carefully pick up each seed and place it on the paper. Cover with another moistened paper towel and leave somewhere warm or dark for up to five days. Check for taproots to ensure successful germination.

Flowering Time and Yield of Purple Punch

Indoor growers can expect a harvest of over 22 oz. Of fresh buds per square meter after eight to ten weeks of flowering using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. Outdoor cultivators can sow their Purple Punch seeds in the USA in April and expect a harvest of around 28 oz. Per crop in early October.

Purple Punch Grow Tips

• Train your plants to ensure even light distribution and maximize yield

• Keep an eye out for pests, especially caterpillars

• Prune regularly to promote healthy growth and airflow

• Use high-quality soil and nutrients to encourage strong root development

Appearance of Purple Punch Buds

Purple Punch buds are visually stunning, with cone-shaped mint green flowers that develop fiery streaks, a purple hue, and shimmering frosting. The thick, sturdy branches carry heavy colas and violet sugar leaves dripping with trichomes.

Smell and Taste of Purple Punch Weed

Purple Punch weed has a saccharine perfume that delights the senses and lingers for hours after smoking. The aroma is a complex blend of blueberries, citrus, vanilla, and exotic spices. Light it up, and you’ll taste freshly baked blueberry muffins with a smooth vanilla base.

Effects of Purple Punch Cannabis

Purple Punch cannabis packs quite a punch in the psychoactive department, delivering an avalanche of mind-and-body effects that never miss the mark. The immediate cerebral jolt is paired with euphoria and tranquility, allowing no worries through. This cultivar gets the creative juices flowing while spreading a warm heaviness from your core to the tips of your fingers and toes.

Buy Purple Punch Marijuana Seeds in America

Ready to experience the joy of Purple Punch feminized seeds? Buy now and become part of the massive fanbase that loves this dessert-tier cultivar. Order online today and cultivate this beauty in your at-home weed garden. Get yours now and enjoy a chill winter ahead!


CBD Content


CBD Range

Very low

Climate Zones

Sunny, Mediterranean, Temperate, Continental



Dominant Terpenes



Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed


Berry, Citrus, Earthy, Grape, Pineapple

Flowering Time

6–8 weeks

Flowering Type



Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple


Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest Month


Indica / Sativa

Mostly Indica

Indoor Max Yield

16–19 oz/m2

Indoor Plant Height

14–23 in.

Indoor Plant Height Range


Indoor Yield Range



Efficient, Relaxed

Outdoor Max Yield

18–21 oz/plant

Outdoor Plant Height

14–23 in.

Outdoor Plant Height Range


Outdoor Yield Range





Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Migranes, Muscle Spasms, Stress

THC Content


THC Range