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Tropic Thunder Regular Cannabis Seeds For Sale USA

Experience pure nirvana with our Tropic Thunder regular seeds – some of the highest quality weed seeds available online in the USA! Inspired by the tropical paradise of Hawaii, these seeds boast an irresistible chocolatey sweetness paired with earthy undertones of Purple Skunk that will leave you in a state of pure bliss. With their high THC levels, Tropic Thunder buds deliver a mind-blowing, psychedelic experience that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your growing game to the next level – order now and indulge in the remarkable benefits of Tropic Thunder regular seeds!

Tropic Thunder Key Points

• Up to 24% THC capacity guarantees a surreal, psychedelic high

• Provides deep-body relaxation and helps ease away chronic pain and insomnia

• Delicious chocolate flavor that’s infused with sweet and earthy notes

• Suitable for both growers and breeders as a pack contains 50/50 males and females

• Indoor growers can maximize space and yield potential with a Sea of Green (SOG) setup

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We ship to all fifty states in the USA and offer discreet packaging to ensure your privacy. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders over $99! With domestic shipping, you can enjoy fast, reliable delivery of your Tropic Thunder regular seeds without any hassle.

Benefits of Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are the purest form of cannabis genetics available. They contain an equal number of male and female seeds, making them suitable for both growers and breeders. With regular seeds, you can easily create your own unique strains by crossbreeding different phenotypes to produce new genetics.

These are Photoperiod Seeds

Photoperiod seeds require specific light cycles to grow and flower. Indoor growers will need to provide their plants with a light cycle of 18 hours on and 6 hours off during the vegetative stage, followed by a light cycle of 12 hours on and 12 hours off during the flowering stage. Outdoor growers will need to plant their seeds during the spring and summer months to ensure the plants receive enough sunlight to grow and flower.

The Genetics of Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder is a three-way cross that’s powered by up to 24% THC capacity. Despite having two sativa parents, it turned out to be an indica-heavy cultivar due to the strong influence of an unspecified variant in the genetic mix. This unique combination of genetics produces dense buds with profuse amounts of burnt orange pistils.

How to Germinate Tropic Thunder Seeds

To germinate Tropic Thunder seeds, simply soak them in water for 24 hours before planting them in soil or a hydroponic system. Keep the soil moist and ensure the temperature is between 70-79°F for best results.

Flowering Time and Yield of Tropic Thunder

Indoor growers can expect a flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks, after which up to 400 grams of fat, dense buds can be achieved for every square meter. Outdoor growers can expect a harvest of up to 450 grams per plant when grown in sunny locations like California.

Tropic Thunder Grow Tips

• Ensure proper airflow and humidity to prevent white powdery mildew (WPM) and bud rot

• Prune bushy foliage a couple of days before forcing plants to start fruiting

• Grow at least 4 plants in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup to maximize space and yield potential

• Utilize windbreaks to prevent strong winds from damaging plants

Appearance of Tropic Thunder Buds

Tropic Thunder buds are a sight to behold! They’re geometrically unique with burnt orange pistils and dense, sticky trichomes that sparkle in the light. These buds are sure to impress even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur.

Smell and Taste of Tropic Thunder Weed

Tropic Thunder weed has an incredibly likable fragrance and flavor profile. With a delicious chocolate essence infused with subtle earthy and skunky tones, this strain is sure to satisfy both your cannabis and sweet tooth cravings. You’ll love the terpenes in this strain that give it its unique aroma and flavor.

Effects of Tropic Thunder Cannabis

Tropic Thunder cannabis is a creeper that needs a few minutes to warm up. But, when it does, the world shines in different colors as if it had set off fireworks in the brain. Its psychedelic high is almost hallucinatory and best reserved for seasoned tokers. It also provides deep-body relaxation that eases away chronic pain and insomnia, making it perfect for nighttime use.

Buy Tropic Thunder Marijuana Seeds in America

Looking for some of the best regular weed seeds for sale online in the USA? Look no further than our Tropic Thunder seeds! With up to 24% THC content, a delicious chocolate flavor, and deep-body relaxation benefits, this strain is sure to please any marijuana enthusiast. Order now and experience the magic of Tropic Thunder regular seeds for yourself!


CBD Content


CBD Range

Very low

Climate Zones

Sunny, Mediterranean, Temperate, Continental



Dominant Terpenes



Happy, Relaxed, Talkative


Chocolate, Earthy, Skunk

Flowering Time

8–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Hawaiian x Purple Skunk x Unknown Indica


Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest Month


Indica / Sativa

Mostly Indica

Indoor Max Yield

14 oz/m2

Indoor Plant Height

12 in.

Indoor Plant Height Range


Indoor Yield Range




Outdoor Max Yield

16 oz/plant

Outdoor Plant Height

12 in.

Outdoor Plant Height Range


Outdoor Yield Range





Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Migranes, Stress

THC Content


THC Range